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This beautiful basket can make a great gift for a class reunion, fund-raisers, etc.   

The basket's base is a plastic container that can be used as a chip bowl. 


We include a bag of corn chips in each basket and fill it with our habanero hot sauces and jellies.  We may add Mama Bella's baked goods and spicy hot honey!  And other delicious Yuma local treats to promote stores we collaborate with.  


Recipe cards are included to give the recipient some great ideas how to begin using Mama Bella's delicious hot sauces and jellies. 


Email us so we can begin customizing this gift basket for you! 


Gift baskets are available for Yuma County delivery ONLY. 

Baskets-Yuma COUNTY Delivery Only

  • Baskets can begin as low as $25 and go upto $100. 

    We like to add products from other Yuma County stores such as Peanut Patch and Made in Yuma.   

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