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How the company name and logo were chosen. 

Mama Bella Hot Sauce has been operating since 2012. 

Owners, Ana Bella and Paul,

produce their products in Somerton, Arizona in Yuma County.  

The Mama Bella Hot Sauce logo portrays Ana Bella's mother,

Bella Gloria.  She was lovingly called Mama Bella by her grandchildren.  

Bella was known for eating spicy foods and her gusto for life!

Bella's favorite color was orange.  Since the hot sauces they produced

are orange in color and deliver delicious heat and flavor,

they thought best to name the company after Bella.   

Giving back to the Yuma County community

is very important to the owners.

Throughout the year donations are made to Hospice of Yuma

and many other organizations pursuing great causes.


Mission Statement 

Logo of Mama Bella Hot Sauce

Mama Bella Hot Sauce is committed

to producing delicious

artisan hot sauces

and homemade jellies

with no artificial preservatives. 

A focus on delivering succulent heat

with flavor is the company's goal.  


Mama Bella Hot Sauce commercial kitchen
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