Touch of Heat Habanero Hot Sauce


Touch of Heat   Habanero Hot Sauce, (8 oz)

A Touch of Heat is a crowd pleaser! It tames the Habanero peppers and it has half the heat of our original “Flaming Hot” recipe.

While you will notice Touch of Heat has a more lemony taste it does not interfere with the great Habanero pepper!

Many are using Touch of Heat as a rub for chicken and ribs! (Remember–use gloves).

“A little goes a long way”. We recommend you use sparingly at first until you find the right amount to enhance ALL of your favorite foods:
*Spread a small amount on a tortilla for your burritos or quesadillas
*Mix with your mayo to make the best sandwich ever!
*Add to guacamole or sour cream for great dips.
*Do you dip your pizza in ranch dressing?  Then add Mama Bella sauces to your dressing!
*Add to your soups, spaghetti sauce, BBQ sauce, etc.
*Add to softened cream cheese and spread on a cracker or bread.
*Add to your boiling water before making white or brown rice.


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