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Mama Bella Hot Sauce
Average rating:  
 18 reviews
by Fabiola on Mama Bella Hot Sauce
Simply Amazing!!!

Went to Singh Farmer's Market and found your Flaming Hot sauce. I was in heaven when I tried it, so often it is hard to find a salsa that is actually SPICY! Keep up the good work, I will definitely be heading back for more:)

Thank You Fabiola! We are happy you loved our salsa and please feel free to help us by passing the word. 😉

by Jaime Ojeda on Mama Bella Hot Sauce
Can't get enough!

Hi Anabella!

As you know, every time we visit Yuma, we buy a bunch of your Flaming Hot Salsa jars because you're still not in stores here in San Diego. Can't wait til you're a national brand distributed everywhere because my wife and I totally LOVE your salsa in everything we eat. We simply can't get enough!

It was a pleasure seeing you here in San Diego in the Brazilian Day Event. I hope you'll be coming more often. 🙂

Jaime and Triny Ojeda

by Julio on Mama Bella Hot Sauce
Hooked on your Salsa!

Just a note of congratulations on your truly unique and special products! The quality, love and pride you put into them shows. I met you while selling your salsas at the Yuma Lettuce Days event and have been hooked ever since. I love it on hot dogs, quesadillas and eggs. It adds such a great flavor to virtually everything that only a habanero pepper can and this recipe you created is indescribably good! Continued success! Oh yeah, love this web-site. Very informative and professional!

by Jesus on Mama Bella Hot Sauce
So Delish!

Me and my wife bought a jar at the farmers market. We Literally finished a jar the day we bought it... So delicious

by J. Briseno on Mama Bella Hot Sauce
I Enjoy Habanero

Dear DeAnda Family: We loved your three hot sauces. It has been the first time in my life that I have “enjoyed” the Habanero flavor without having it totally burn my mouth. Undoubtedly, your statement that, “a little goes a long way!” is very true. Also thank you for sending the shipping refund as you stated you would. Thank you very much!

J. Briseño Atwater, CA

by Mike & Reggi on Mama Bella Hot Sauce

We met Ana Bella today at the farmer's market on main street today (01/08), the hot sauce is OUTSTANDING AND VERY DELICIOUS. We like both the versions; however, for us the milder one is best for us. I (Mike) like the hotter one, but for foods and for My Lover Reggi, the milder one is best for us. worth the price, which is not very costly.

by V. Crabtree on Mama Bella Hot Sauce
I Love It!

Hot Mama Bella Hot Sauce? I do not "like it", I "love it"!

V. Crabtree, Yuma, AZ

by D. Ballesteros on Mama Bella Hot Sauce
Enhances Any Food You Eat

Wow Bella!! This is the best salsa I've had in my whole life! I REALLY, REALLY, love your salsa and I just wanted you to know this. It gives a highly pleasant taste to every food. I've tried it in Mexican food, Seafood, Chinese food and it's just great!! Thank you for putting all those ingredients together to come up with this savory hot sauce, it's awesome... and addicting! We buy it all the time here in Somerton, can't taste food with any other hot sauce but Bella's.

D. Ballesteros, Somerton, AZ

by Alicia L. on Mama Bella Hot Sauce
I Love Love Love Your Salsa!

Hot Mama!! This hot sauce is delish!!! I take it everywhere with me and dab it on pretty much anything. Can you say "Habanero?!?!?!" I love, love, love hot mama bella hot sauce!

-Alicia L. Yuma, AZ

by Yajaihra & Ovet E. on Mama Bella Hot Sauce
Love It On Our Dinner!

Hi Ana Bella and Paul, we both had a very long day at work; came home to cook a delicious dinner and like icing on the cake with your Hot Mama Bella Hot Sauce, thank you so much!!!!!

Yajaihra & Ovet E. San Carlos, CA

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