About Us


image(2)Paul and Ana Bella De Anda

We are a small batch, husband and wife, hot sauce and pepper jelly producers. Our commercial kitchen is located in Yuma, Arizona.  We are located 26 miles north of the Sonora, Mexico border.



Our mission at Mama Bella Hot Sauce, LLC is taming the fantastic flavor of the habanero peppers into delicious hot sauces and jellies.  We provide high-quality products and produce them without any artificial additives and only natural ingredients. We do not claim, nor is it our goal, to have the hottest hot sauces and jellies on the market. Our goal is that your meals will be more enhanced and enjoyable, because you included our products in them! 

Besides loving Yuma Arizona’s, almost 365 days of beautiful sunshine, we are so fortunate to be part of this farming community.  Yuma, Arizona is known world wide for producing hundreds of crops year round!  Some of the amazing crops grown here are the Eureka and Lisbon lemons which we utilize as the preservative in our hot sauces.  The lemons not only add a burst of flavor, to our hot sauce,s but an abundance of shelf-life!



Mama Bella Hot Sauce, LLC processes seven delicious and unique habanero hot sauces and one corn relish/corn salsa. 

At the request of so many of our winter visitor friends, Mama Bella ventured into making pepper jellies.  They have really taken off!  We now make more pepper jellies than hot sauces.  

We have also added a few non-pepper jellies such as the Guava Butter and the Strawberry key-lime.  We love adding guavas and key-limes to our line (grown in our own Yuma backyard)!

This picture shows when we first began our company with only three products and using Kerr jars.

  • For all who love flavorful heat– these wonderful habanero  products are for you!
  • Two common denominators we are hearing from our fans: “very addicting” and “great stuff”!
  • We love making them for your enjoyment!